Friday, May 29, 2015

Everything's (not) Always Bigger In Texas

I recently started scanning a lifetime worth of film from the last fifteen plus years with my new Epson V800. I want to share some of my favorites here on the blog. You know the saying "Everything's Bigger In Texas"? Well, I'm guessing that this restaurant didn't get the message! haha. Either way, it provided a great focal point in this shot against an always amazingly blue Texas sky that was even more so enhanced by the use of Kodachrome reversal film.

If you can't tell already, my passion for photographing the small rural towns of the U.S. and especially in Texas runs deep. 

Farm-to-Market Road 471, Rio Medina, Texas, November 2000

Agfa-Ansco 4x5 view camera / Wollensak lens
Kodak Ektachrome SW-100 reversal film
Scanned on Epson Perfection V800 film scanner