Monday, May 10, 2010

Concrete Cathedrals

Corpus Christi, Texas, May 2000

My first big break as a photographer was having my portfolio, Concrete Cathedrals, accepted for publication by Black & White Magazine (U.S.A.).  I got the acceptance letter in December 2002, which took over a month to reach me, as I'd just moved from San Antonio to Philadelphia.  Coming as it did after seven rejection letters from lesser publications, I was more than elated.

A monochromatic paean to the austere and imposing grain elevators which dot the landscape of the Great Plains, Concrete Cathedrals is a work in progress.  As literally thousands of these monolithic edifices are found across North America, I am certain to pass into the hereafter decades from now no closer to finishing than Franz Schubert was his Eighth Symphony.

A special dedicatory goes to fans in London, who like the SciFi feel of some of my black-and-white compositions.  I hope you enjoy this!