Sunday, March 7, 2010

Garish: The Cutting Room Floor

Roadside Taco Stand, Nueva Rosita, Coahuila
December 2004

Two things about Mexico that I really enjoy are their dearth of homeowners' associations and the lack of attorneys running around making small business owners remove copyrighted material from their shingles.

Thus, it is a nation in which you can find houses everywhere painted in kelly green with Pepto Bismol pink shutters, and such eateries as Speedy Gonzalez Tamales and the Beavis y Butthead Hamburguesas stand (at which I ate the best cheeseburger I had in years, by the way).

My favorite of all was this misspelled taco stand, named in honor of Jim Henson's enduring and engorging creation, Miss Piggy.  Unfortunately, these lunch wagons and snack bars are mostly closed during the winter, so I had to eat dinner up the road, at Foghorn Leghorn's Pollo Frito.