Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rediscovered Negatives: Los Colores de Coahuila

Santa Maria de Guadalupe Church, 
Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, c. April 2000

While I wouldn't mind leaving a legacy comparable to that of Garry Winogrand, hopefully part of that legacy will not be leaving more than 2,500 rolls of film undeveloped by the time of my passing.

At present, I have around 100 or so, and I am currently sending off my C-41 35mm to the lab for development.  The first roll came back today, and it was an old roll of the Agfa Optima II 100 film I had shot in the Mexican frontier city of Acuña.  

There are a few excellent shots on the roll, and this photograph of a friar's statue is my favorite.  It is quite difficult to take natural light photographs indoors on slow film, but the Agfa films of the past decade captured the color balance beautifully, allowing a full tonal range as well.

I miss Mexico.  It is where my photographer's soul resides, particularly in Coahuila, where the drab monotony of the caliche is relieved by building after building painted in lush primary colors.